VERSES is a Christian Electronic trio from Newcastle, Australia. Whilst all members of the band have much experience in other genres of music, they have their way into this particular group through the avenue of 'calling' as much as passion. VERSES was birthed out of a conviction that Luke, the key songwriter of the group, had after trying to grasp the meaning of many of the lyrics to modern Christian Music. So whilst on a trip, taken by the three, to NYC in the summer of 2013 the songwriting process began.


VERIDIA: An expression of truth. To strive for raw honesty in every aspect of daily life. VERIDIA is a young group of artists whose experiences and stories live through their vulnerable lyrics and passionate music.

The Gray Havens

Three words. That’s how it started. Three words that teased the start of a story, a story that became a song and a title track for an album that was originally only supposed to be an EP. Three words that hint at a bit of mystery:
“Met a ghost....”

The Bible Tour

Your favorite artists bring the Bible to life through live performances of today's biggest songs paired with epic visuals from the Bible mini-series.









Sara Groves

Some albums are born out of a place of struggle and wrestling, others flow easily from a seemingly endless wellspring. Abide With Me, the new hymns collection from Sara Groves, is like warm, welcoming sunshine after a long, hard rain. Her 2015 album, Floodplain, was the result of a season marked by change that left her overwhelmed. This time around, Groves says, the process couldn’t have been smoother.

Robbie Seay Band

Houston’s Ecclesia Church sits on the edge of downtown like a frontier outpost. During the week, it’s a community outreach center, art gallery, coffee house, and recording studio. But on Sunday, its space becomes sanctuary to the homeless and drug addicted, as well as to the high profile attorney and suburb-dweller who fill its seats.

Point of Grace

The women of Point Of Grace have provided a soundtrack to our lives for over two decades.

With faith filled, and passionate lyrics, their memorable melodies and soaring harmonies have inspired generations to live boldly and keep Gods love as the foundation of their lives.

Marc Martel

In a Rolling Stone story dated April 30, 2012, writer Dan Hyman wrote about The Queen Extravaganza, a much-buzzed-about touring project launched by legendary Queen drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May. Produced by Taylor, The Queen Extravaganza was designed to celebrate the group's legendary body of work with performances by a band of musicians found through an online audition. This is an excerpt from that article:

Mallary Hope

“I just want to make music that helps people come to know how amazing our God is, and to experience his unconditional love and peace. I want people to know that it is okay to surrender your ideas of what you think you were created to do - and trust that God will show you exactly what he has in store for you.”


In today’s culture, to be “basic” is to be someone who is driven by mainstream behaviors and attractions. It’s the essence of fitting in, living from the baseline of acceptability.

Lauren and Brooke DeLeary aren’t having it.