Sanctus Real

Change, particularly unexpected change, can sometimes be a foundational crack that causes the whole structure to come tumbling down. Survival, it turns out, depends on what you do with the rubble. After 20 years of touring, 24 radio hits and full album sales exceeding 750,000, Sanctus Real cemented itself as a trusted brand in Christian music. But in 2016, original members Mark Graalman and Chris Rohman experienced a windfall of change that shook the foundation of everything they had built.

Tori Harper

Tori Harper’s bedroom in her hometown of Franklin, Tenn., is like a glimpse into the singer/songwriter’s soul. Morning light streams in through an arched cathedral window—a daily visual of God’s presence. Plants grow freely from their individual perches around the room—green reminders that life is in full bloom. Handwritten Scripture fills up every square inch of her mirror. It’s a cozy, vibrant environment where songs can be birthed and a heart can be nurtured along the way.

Aaron Shust

Over the past decade, Aaron Shust has earned a reputation as one of Christian music’s most compelling songwriters and a vocalist of considerable depth and passion. He was named both New Artist and Songwriter of the Year at the 2007 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and the impact of his song, “My Savior My God” was recognized with the Song of the Year honor. He has continued to build on that early promise to become one of the community’s most creative and trusted voices.